Visitor Information

Parking Information

Please visit http://parkingslc.com/ for information related to tying your horse and carriage or steam-driven cart.

Lodging Information

We recommend you visit Radisson.com/saltlakecity/fantasycon to investigate the many inns and lodges of Salt Lake City.

Transportation From Where The Magic Silver Eagles Land (Airport)

Cabs are always available, but http://www.rideuta.com/ provides information for public transportation to get you into town or to the pub.


Salt Lake City is full of restaurants that cater to every taste. From the tastes of the lords and ladies to the ranger of the woods, Salt Lake has something for you. Investigate options at http://www.visitsaltlake.com/


Most of the citizens of the city will be happy to point you right along to the Salt Palace. In case you can't find anyone in our sprawling home, please check out the GoogleMap of Salt Lake City, starting with directions from the Place The Magic Silver Eagles Land.


Contact us if you have any questions about accommodations and travel to our event.